TripCents is a fin-tech start up allowing users to inclusively budget, plan, and book trips in a all in one (iOS) mobile app. Launching in the spring of 2018, in weeks they were up to 12,000 users. Unfortunately, it was found that only 1% of users were actually setting up their account to be attached to their bank.


In order to properly evaluate this problem we launched into the research and discovery portion of this project. We began by gathering information on current and prospective users as well as the assessment of our current product through the eyes of our user.

User Interviews

Feature Prioritization

User Research

Gaining Insight

Through this process we were able to gain key insights to better understand and really get to know our users.


Actionable Outcomes

In order to find a balance between the wants and needs of our user and that of the business we realized we needed make the user feel comfortable enough to attatch their bank account. This would allow the app to function as intended.



Trust was the pinnacle of the relationship between the user’s interaction with our mobile app. Being able to track their money as well as control it was their number one priority.

Removing the PayWall

Users were now able to browse all features even before they created an account. With no hidden features users now had the freedom to browse the entire app.

Creating a Financial First User Flow

While users were still encouraged to enter their account information after starting a travel fund, without a paywall, they were able to completely plan a trip and budget before they did so. Either way any path the user took inevitably circled them back to the option to create an account, but more importantly (without a paywall) it presented the value of doing so.


The Results Are In…

After removing the paywall and creating a financial first user flow, TripCents saw an increase in Odwalla conversion rates raise from 1% to 25%. In short, 24% more of their registered users used the app to its full potential.