Elated is a social discovery app helping connect users through machine learning. Leveraging gamificatoin users are able to effectively interact, socialize and get to know each other.

Solving for the Problems Users Face.

It is estimated that annually, 28 million adults are using dating apps, with 25.1 million monthly users in the U.S. alone. These users are here to stay.  User research shows that men specifically must send and average of 114 messages to receive one single reply. Which means women are being bombarded by messages, while men are having a hard time finding an effective way to start conversation. So we asked ourselves;

How can we create an opportunity for users to connect with matches and break the ice. Affording users more meaningful connections and conversations?

What we can learn through market research

online dating statistics

* This research and infograpgic was curated by E-Harmony 2019 (https://www.eharmony.com/online-dating-statistics/)

Who Are we Designing for ?

The Busy Metropolitan:

Meet Emily. Emily, live downtown and her life revolves around a job she loves.  While she doesnt have a lot of free time she is ready to make time for a relationship. She is bubbly, light-hearted, and has a fun personality. She wants to find somone who challenges her intellectually and has common interests and morals. She wants to know more about somone  and their personality before she commits to meeting them in person. She doesn’t want to waste time answering a million questoins about herself and browsing through a ton of matches. Communication is highly important.

The Socially Anxious

Meet Joe. Joe is a grad student whom is incredibly hardworking and inteligent. While Joe is super outgoing within his circle of friends, he suffers from social anxiety in larger groups. Especially women. The more he is interested, the harder it is for him to connect. He never quite  knows what to say, so instead of trying he just puts it off.

The Self-Actualizing Creative

Meet Scott. Scoot is that person that everyone is drawn to. He is creative, witty, intelligent and the complete package. He’s deep into the art and music scene, a free spirit with an open mind. Scott adopts apps and technologies that help to expand his creativity. Scott holds deep and meaningful relationships and does not have trouble establishing this type of connection. He seeks fullfillment in his work and in his personal life.

It starts with finding the right match

Using machine learning technologies Elated enables users to find the best match suited for them. Not only are users greeted with a set of carefully curated on-boarding questions, but they are also encouraged to frequntley answer new questions about their interests and personality. This information coupled with the data the app has collected will keep users constantly searching for the best match possible.

Getting to know your match

As with any social discovery based app it is important to be able to connect with other users. Users are able to see and read about their matches.  The information provided is based of questions users have recieved.

Introducing: SparkFlirt

Interaction Through Gamification

Add Users to  your favorites, engage later

Send a SparkFlirt to engage in gameplay

Send users a nudge to remind them